Maura Schuster, L.O.M, Dipl. O.M., M.S.O.M

Maura Schuster, L.O.M, Dipl. O.M., M.S.O.M 

About Maura

Maura first experienced acupuncture, reluctantly, after failing to find relief for a knee injury sustained in a bad fall while snowboarding in 2003. Throughout the course of eight months, she made appointments with several doctors, but none of them was able to make a diagnosis or even minimize the pain. At the constant urging of a coworker, Maura made an appointment with an acupuncturist. Within three treatments, her knee pain was gone. The power of the medicine was so evident to her that she decided to pursue Chinese medicine as a career path.

In 2007, she earned her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado. The three-year program consisted of more than 3,000 hours of classroom and clinical training in all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, nutrition, cupping and other bodywork therapies, and western medical pathologies.

For ten years, Maura lived in Denver, Colorado, providing hundreds of treatments in community acupuncture clinics and in an integrative holistic health center. A Pittsburgh native, she moved home in 2012 and worked as a health and wellness coach, helping clients set and reach their goals.

Maura’s extensive training and broad experience allows her to treat most health conditions. She specializes in the treatment of pain, sports injuries, headaches, digestive issues, smoking cessation and weight management, but she is happy to treat almost any type of health condition.

People are often surprised to learn that there are many styles of acupuncture. Though classically trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is the type of acupuncture taught in Chinese medicine schools, Maura uses Dr. Tan’s Balance Method, which is based on using distal acupuncture points — points that are not necessarily near the injury. This clinically effective treatment style allows Maura to achieve results quickly and efficiently.

Maura believes in empowering and educating patients to take a proactive role in their health so that they can live happy, abundant lives. She combines acupuncture, herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes to form a dynamic and powerful medicine that can be used to treat any modern health concern. Her mission is to help as many people as she can.


Acupuncture is just one branch of Chinese medicine, and its origins date back more than 3,000 years. It is the oldest system of medicine in existence and was developed over time through trial and error. Most health conditions can be treated successfully with acupuncture, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes. Maura’s approach is gentle and patient-centered. If you have any concerns about the needles, let her know. Though people are sometimes hesitant to try acupuncture for this reason, many patients report that their acupuncture treatments are painless and relaxing.

Health Coaching

Do you have health goals or changes that you would like to make? Are you having trouble making those changes? A one-on-one health coaching appointment with Maura can help to clarify your goals, identify what is keeping you from making those changes, set a plan, and provide you with support throughout the process. Many patients have great success from working with a health coach.

What to Expect

Whether your appointment is for acupuncture or health coaching, Maura will meet with you on your first visit to discuss your health condition and the changes you would like to make. She will review how she can help you, whether with acupuncture or health coaching, and will discuss realistic expectations for your appointments.

If you are scheduled for an acupuncture treatment, make sure that you are hydrated and have eaten within the past few hours. A new patient visit typically lasts 1.5 hours; follow up appointments are an hour.

Health coaching appointments are one hour.


Maura is licensed as a Practitioner of Oriental Medicine (L.O.M.) by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine which allows her to provide both acupuncture and herbal medicine. Additionally, she is certified as a Diplomat in Oriental Medicine (Dipl. O.M.) by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Allegheny College.

Maura loves to be outdoors, and spends a lot of her time playing golf, running, and camping with her family and her dog, Ringo.

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