AquaGenO2 employs a whirlpool bath to immerse clients in a relaxing yet invigorating bath of highly dissolved oxygen water.

Health Benefits of Oxygenated Whirlpools

• Speeds recovery

• Enhances performance

• Contributes to optimal brain function

• Improves mood and quality of life

• Increases energy

• Softens and beautifies skin

• Increases overall oxygen levels

• Decreases inflammation

What is the AquaGenO2 System?

Our whirlpool baths incorporate advanced technology to oxygenate water at high levels. This system increases oxygen saturation 200% to 600% compared to tap water without free radicals. Our AquaGenO2 system creates millions of microbubbles resulting in therapeutic benefits and oxygen uptake.

How is the AquaGenO2 System Used?

Clients can be fully immersed in the oxygenated water, select specific areas of the body, or even use the microbubbles for exfoliation.

Symptoms of Oxygen Deficiency

• Tire easily

• Acute fatigue

• Body weakness

• Dizziness

• Depression

• Difficulty focusing leading to memory loss

• Circulation issues

• Acid stomach

• Muscle pains

• Irritability

• Lung issues

• Weak immune system

• Chronic diseases


Introductory 30-minute session — $35

30-Minute Sessions
Single session — $50
Package of 3 — $140
Package of 5 — $210
Package of 10 — $400

60-Minute Sessions
Single session — $90
Package of 3 — $250
Package of 5 — $400
Package of 10 — $780


Contact us to schedule an appointment. 412-661-0777

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