Victoria-Zaitz_001Julie (Jules) Grose, Astrologist

About Jules

From software engineer to astrology aficionado – there is literally nothing Julie cannot take on. She is passionate, curious, insightful, full of positive energy and infectious.

Julie considers herself a student and a teacher for the world. She has mastered many healing modalities and skills and expresses them through astrology. She will take you on your own personal journey with wit, intelligence and at times humor! Having a one-on-one with Julie or in a group setting, you are bound to walk away feeling enlightened.

A one-hour session with Jules costs $90.


“When I first heard about Jules and her amazing ability to tap into ‘your journey,’ I was very intrigued to meet with her. I was not prepared for how amazingly insightful she was.

The time I spent with her was so pleasurable and enlightening. Jules reads from scientific aspects of your chart, but she goes so much deeper than the obvious. She is extremely gifted with intuition and offers her readings with passion and exuberance.

Jules is literally able to ‘read’ people through one’s astrological chart, and by simply spending time with her. Time spent with Jules getting to know yourself through astrology, literally means: ‘Getting to know yourself.’”
-C. Groom
Montreal, Canada

“Jules offers an in-depth look at your astrological birth chart. She is very knowledgeable, experienced and possesses a strong intuition which guides her through readings with integrity. Her last reading yielded powerful insight into some of my patterns and behaviors that were no longer serving me. Jules helped guide me to a place of self-acceptance and has inspired me to seek positive changes in my life.”
-J. Beullac
Montreal, Canada

“Jules’ personality came out when, during a business meeting, she insisted on reading my chart. I laughed and told her that I already knew I was stubborn. I was misguided by preconceived notions of her gift, her intuition and her insight. Over several years now, and on many occasions, she has demonstrated her powerful ability to get to the heart of a matter, to see through the minutia. She has an uncanny ability to see into a person’s true self in a way that is comforting and sincere. I highly recommend having a one-on-one with her. You will walk away a better person for it.”
-S. Brody
Pittsburgh, PA

“Jules helped me find spiritual meaning in everything. There were so many areas that I was blocked and now my eyes are open and I am able to view everything in a positive and loving manner, no matter what!  Thanks for setting me straight Jules!”
-C Capp
Pittsburgh, PA

“Jules is the most amazing, intuitive, genuine being on this earth. She is gifted beyond words. A session with Jules WILL change your life for the better. Not only does she read your chart, more importantly she connects with you in a very loving, welcoming, genuine manner. She’ll give you direction like no one else. Time spent with Jules will be one of the best moments you’ll experience and it will sure change your life for the better. I am very blessed that our paths have crossed; I wouldn’t be who I am without her influence and direction. She’s a gem!! But you’ll find that out on your own.”
-Debbie Heneghan, Author-Close Than You Think
Pittsburgh, PA

“I met Jules Grose unaware at the time of her talent. After speaking with me she shared her interest in wanting to look at my astrology chart to put a finger on what it was that was causing me so much duress at the time. Jules was able to look at my chart and tell me where my physical and mental aches and pains were coming from, as well looking into my past and future, explaining to me different dates, planets and means that were already in my predestined creation. She took the time to delve deep into me as a human and showed me my make up in the universe. After this I’ve had Jules look at my chart multiple times, whenever I feel lost or need help in figuring out the root of a problem so I can overcome it. Not only is she a talent at reading astrology charts but she is also thorough in taking the time to get to know you on a personal level so she can help and coach you on your journey. Jules has helped me through so many hurdles and taught me so much. I would recommend her to anyone.”
-C. Rivera
Pittsburgh, PA

“Julie offers a multitude of different perspectives into astrology, psychology, and science, and approaches these subjects with passion and admirable wisdom. Her intellectual spirit is infectious, and it is difficult to walk away from any conversation with her without learning something new! I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone looking to gain insight into themselves and the world around them.
The positive energy and light that Julie has makes her readings even more meaningful. With her guidance, you will discover so much about yourself and walk away with a new perspective on life.”
-Sisters N. & C. Ambrozic
Pittsburgh, PA

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