We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with Filer Chiropractic on Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside, less than a mile from Peace, Love & Zen.

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Pain is such a personal feeling where no two people experience it the same way. In this light and in every encounter, we are here to help people understand there is a better way. Everyone posses an individual key to unlock physical well-being. In doing so, life can be experienced to its fullest potential, whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or a mother of four. The chiropractic profession along with therapeutic treatments have been shown to provide pain relief, increased range of motion along with improved strength through motion.

Chiropractic is the art, science and philosophy of treating patients as a whole person with a drug-free, hands on approach to diagnosis and treatment. According to the AMA, “Chiropractors are considered first-contact providers,” which means that patients do not need a referral from another physician to seek our care.

Chiropractic care lies in treating movement disorders of the spine and extremities. The joints are of the utmost concern and are treated when necessary with short, fast comfortable thrusts or adjustments with the hands or with specialized tools. Secondary focus of treatment lies in the application of therapeutic techniques that help improve and manage the body’s biomechanics.

While back pain, headaches and neck pain are the most frequently presented conditions, we have the ability to recognize a myriad of disease processes. Patients sometimes require pharmaceutical or surgical intervention, so we provide a referral to the medical professional best fit for the diagnosis.

As recognition of personal keys to health and wellness need to be explored, let us help find your pathway to recovery.


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