Stress Relieving Ear-Acupressure in the Salt Cave

In this special salt cave session, our acupuncturist will apply four ear seeds (small stainless steel balls under a clear non-latex adhesive) to specific acupressure points on the ear to relieve emotional tension and promote a sense of wellbeing. The seeds can remain in place for up to a week and may be gently pressed at any time to further stimulate the acupressure point to help relieve stress.

Four seeds will be applied to each ear, and then patients will have time to relax and experience the combined beneficial effects of the acupressure and the salt cave.

Things to note: Sensitive skin — while we’ve taken measures to choose materials to avoid skin irritation, some sensitivities may still occur. If patients feel burning or itching from the ear seeds, the seeds should be removed and the area cleansed with warm water and soap. A mild ache at the site can occur, but ear seeds are usually well tolerated. Remove any remaining seeds after 1 week to allow the skin to breathe.

The cost is $20 per session.

Check with the front desk for availability when booking your salt cave appointment.

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