Goddess Circle

Goddess Circle in the Salt Cave
Offered once each month
Limited space available, $35

Awaken your inner Goddess with a women’s only healing circle in the salt cave. Each class will draw on the inspiration from one of the many Goddesses who have graced us with their divine feminine wisdom throughout the ages. This month’s class is inspired by Brigid. Various healing exercises will be used to foster the development of your inner Goddess, including meditation, mantras, creative expression, intuitive methods, and many more. The result is a deeper understanding of the many aspects of the divine feminine within.

Call 412-661-0777 to reserve your seat today, or book online here.

Teacher: Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP is a full time professional psychic medium, reiki practitioner, spiritual counselor, teacher, meditation instructor, spiritual awakening coach and soul mate/twin flame specialist. Her background in women’s studies and spirituality as well as her dedication to the embodiment of the divine feminine energy will be some of the elements utilized to facilitate this class.

This and all events in the Himalayan Salt Cave are prepaid and will not be refunded or exchanged.

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