Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine Consultation

Chinese herbal medicine is very useful for supporting the body between acupuncture visits but also can be used on its own to restore a balanced internal environment. An herbal medicine consult lasts about 30 minutes and involves an in-depth interview regarding your chief complaint, your health, and your health history. The practitioner will use this information to create a custom formula or decide upon a pre-prepared product that is best suited for you as an individual. Some common formulas are carried on-hand by the practitioner, but often she will tailor a formula specifically for you, and have it delivered directly to you within the week. Follow-up visits, which are shorter, are necessary to observe the patient’s response to the herbs and to create modifications to the formula as changes occur and healing progresses.

Please be prepared to provide a list of any medications that you currently take.

Formulas can be taken internally as a pill, granules (powder-like to be mixed with hot water), or raw herb decoction (similar to a tea). We will decide together which format will work best with your needs and lifestyle.

Think about which method of taking the herbs will work best for you, as the practitioner will be discussing these options with you:

Pill — most convenient, most expensive, least potent option
Granules — a little less convenient, mid-range cost, moderately potent
Raw Decoction — least convenient, most affordable, most potent

Formulas can be used externally as well in the form of plasters, creams, liniments, or soaks. External applications can be helpful for skin conditions, accelerating healing of injuries from bruises to broken bones, and reducing pain and inflammation.

Initial Herbal Medicine Consult — $50
Follow-Up Appointment — $30

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