Jade Bed

Reduce, Relieve and Eliminate Chronic Pain with a Jade Thermal Massage

You’re probably like millions of people worldwide who experience debilitating and chronic back, shoulder, nerve and neck pain. Our state-of-the-art Jade Massage Bed uses our one-of-a-kind body shape adjusting jade stone rollers to harness the power of Far Infrared Light and Far Infrared Heat to penetrate deep into your body. This healing massage relaxes and relieves pain in your muscles, tendons, and organs, kick starting stronger blood circulation and improving your body’s overall function.

Four distinct treatment options include: Acupressure, Chiropractic, Deep Muscle

Massage and Far Infrared Heat Therapy. But unlike other treatment options, a jade thermal massage doesn’t just make you better, it makes you well.

Features and Benefits

Massages Your Entire Body

The Jade Massage Bed gives you a full body massage. The jade rollers move along your legs and back, covering up to 72 vertical inches. This ensures your whole body will experience the relaxation and pain relieving healing power of the massage table.

Targets Your Trouble Spots

We program the Silver Cloud Jade Massage Bed (TM) to target your trouble pain spots with programmable accupressure stops. These accupressure stops allow for the healing power of far infrared light and heat to penetrate deep into your most painful areas for one- to two-minute intervals. Maximum pain relief.

Adjusts to Your Body Size

No matter how tall you are, the Silver Cloud Jade Massage Bed (TM) adjusts to your size. Your comfort is our ultimate concern, and we’re one of only a handful of spas that offer jade massage tables that adjust to your body size for maximum comfort and healing benefit.

Adjusts to Your Body Shape

No more stressing over uncomfortable message beds. The Silver Cloud Jade Massage Bed (TM) is the only bed with jade rollers that adjust to your body shape. This advanced engineering allows for maximum penetration of the healing far infrared light and heat. And allows for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Come in today for a comfortable, pain relieving, jade thermal massage. It’s a clothes-on, hands-off experience that allows you to focus on the healing energy of the far infrared light and heat on a comfortable, American-made massage table.

40-minute session — $30


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