Kangen Water®.

Kangen Water at Peace, Love and ZenPeace, Love and Zen serves Kangen Water® exclusively.

In Japanese, the word Kangen means “return to origin.” If ever there was a kind of water that came close to that promise, it is Kangen Water®. It may be the nearest thing we ever find to the proverbial “fountain of youth.”

Kangen Water® is created from a device manufactured by Enagic Corporation. This device transforms ordinary tap water through an electrolysis process that restructures and “micro-clusters” your water. This process enables the water to penetrate human and animal cells, in the same way as energized water found in nature. Enagic’s SD501 unit also ionizes water making it electron or “energy” rich and splits the water into acid and alkaline states.

The electrolyzed, energized and ionized waters do not maintain their special properties indefinitely. This drinking water is most effective fresh from the unit, but remains effective from the initial pour up to 48 hours later.

Time, heat, light, movement, and oxygen degrade the properties of these waters. For maximum shelf life, please store this water in a fully sealed dark container and minimize movement.

Be sure to let us know if you have questions about Kangen Water®.

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