Massage Therapist

Helen Lacey

Massage Therapist

Erika Stewart, LCMT

Erika Stewart became a licensed massage therapist from a desire to assist her clients in their healing process. She works closely with clients at Peace, Love & Zen to help educate them on the importance of massage therapy in their physical and emotional health maintenance. Erika is an enthusiastic, caring practitioner and is excited to be part of the Peace, Love & Zen team.



Ginger Stegmaier

Massage Therapist

Ginger Stegmaier, LCMTMassage Therapist

Ginger is a 2010 graduate of Allegany College of Maryland’s Therapeutic Massage Program. She has been licensed in Maryland since 2011, and she secured her Pennsylvania license after moving to Pittsburgh.

Ginger incorporates a specialized technique to free up problem areas to assist the body’s natural healing processes. Depending on individual client needs, her sessions include deep tissue, Swedish, and myofascial massage along with Reiki and polarity therapy. Pamper yourself or set up a treatment plan with Ginger’s intuitive bodywork sessions.


Advanced Integrative Bodywork Therapist

Joe Nezavich

Joe became interested in natural healing during grade school when he completed a book report about vitamins and minerals. His journey into bodywork began when he learned Thai Reflexology and received excellent results while working on his family members.

The therapeutic energy bodywork that Joe utilizes has evolved throughout his 20 years in practice. He refers to it as transformational healing and the results are frequently amazing.

Joe has a true love for the healing arts and you will find his work extremely effective. He continues to learn new techniques to assist his clients on their wellness journey. He is a key element on the staff of Peace, Love & Zen.


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