Psychic Services

Psychic / Mediumship Reading and Intuitive Counseling

Includes all general life questions, connecting with loved ones and pets who have passed, and all soul mate and twin flame relationship readings / counseling.

30 minutes — $65

60 minutes — $100


Private Mentoring in Psychic / Mediumship Development

Individualized and personalized instruction for children and adults. Includes coaching in between sessions via email and phone as issues arise. Includes all course materials except for one required book. Private mentoring concentrates specifically on the client’s goals for development and personal level of ability (includes ability assessment and goal development) from beginning through advanced. Victoria has students who apply their ability to artwork, healing work, traditional counseling work and business applications. She also helps those who wish to become professional psychics or mediums. Recommended once a month. This teaching approach involves practice readings.

Victoria’s approach with children is to help them and their parents understand and manage the child’s ability. The sessions are appropriately tailored for age and development level.

60 minutes (children ages 7 to 17) — $50

90 minutes (adults) — $75

4-month package (90 minutes once a month at a 10% discount) Helpful to fine tune a specific aspect of ability — $270

9-month package (90 minutes once a month at a 20% discount). Most personal development goals can be attained within this timeframe. A certificate will be issued to those who complete the program in its entirety — $540


Spiritual Path Coaching

Includes meditation guidance, coaching and instruction, counseling on finding and maintaining a spiritual path and / or practice, assistance for those in a spiritual awakening / emergency, understanding the highly sensitive person, help for kundalini awakening, counseling on paranormal experiences. This is a version of counseling / coaching on spiritual topics and is not a reading.

30 minutes — $55

60 minutes — $80


Guided Meditation Sessions

Custom designed guided and recorded meditations. Examples are meditations for connecting with guides, chakra clearing and balancing, stress reduction and relaxation, healing a specific issue, cord cutting and releasing meditations. Available in person and also sent as a recording.

30 minutes — $35

Package of 2 (30-minute) meditations — $60

Meet our psychic counselor, Victoria Zaitz.

Contact us to schedule your psychic appointment — 412-661-0777

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