Pyro-Energen Therapy


Electromagnetic Therapy is a form of complementary medicine that treats diseases by applying electromagnetic radiation or pulsed electromagnetic fields to the body. These methods can treat a wide range of ailments including ulcers, headaches, burns, chronic pain, nerve disorders, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, gum infections, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, cerebral palsy, heart disease, and cancer. At Peace, Love & Zen we utilize the Pyro-Energen to deliver electromagnetic therapy. The Pyro-Energen is the first electrotherapy or electro-medicine device in the world that uses static electricity to eradicate the origin and cause of viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.

The Pyro-Energen produces high-tension voltage of static electricity. It just simply surrounds your body. There are no side effects at all. Did you know that all of us are living under an electrified field of natural waves? When this kind of field is broken, then you get unhealthy. There are many pollutants in today’s world causing nature to lose her perfectly balanced electrical field of atmosphere.

For those trying to eradicate disease, we recommend using the machine several times each day.

In-home rental — $150 per month
Two half-hour sessions (to be used on the same day) — $30 for both sessions
Weekly Package — Three times a week, two sessions a day (half hour each session) — $75

We can customize a package if you would like to use the pyro-energen more often. This therapy is even more effective when used more frequently to eradicate disease.

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