johnrunning_feet-250Reflexology mirrors the entire body. We can access all parts of your body and either stimulate or sedate the points that are feeling stressed or have pain. It can be a slight detox or a it can be a heavy detox depending on whether you are on medications or are  interested in the detox process. It’s really important to drink water before and after your session.


You are so blessed that we have Kangen alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water brings your immune system to balance. It also reduces built up acid base from having a high grain sugar-filled diet. Depending on your diet, we can determine what level of alkaline water is right for you through our sessions together. We also have clean water available, which is a neutral water. If you are interested in purchasing Kangen alkaline water, please contact the front desk personnel. You can relax after your session and drink as much alkaline water as you would like.


During your session we are energetically meeting your stress from your feet and hands on the inside out. We then use traditional mix massage modalities to work from the outside in.


As you are receiving the massage mixed with your reflexology, a tuning fork of the frequency 136.1 will be incorporated; sound of the earth when the stress is too intense and we are not making any headway. This is also the frequency sound of the heart chakra. We may also use the sound frequency of 50 Hz; which is great for strains, pulls and muscle cramps. It is a beautiful endorphin lift to receive. The process with the tuning forks is very relaxing and non-invasive. It often turns off the pain of a deep tissue treatment and allows you to gain the full affect of the deep tissue.


Our reflexology sessions include aromatherapy, so please let us know about your health concerns and intentions so we can plan the best variety for you. We use dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils which are available for sale here at Peace, Love & Zen.


We look forward to collaborating with you on your holistic journey of balance.


All reflexology includes customized aromatherapy
One-hour session — $75
30-minute add-on to any massage — $30
60-minute add-on to any massage — $55


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