johnrunning_massage003_webReiki – pronounced “Ray-Key” is an ancient Japanese technique that reduces the effects of stress, helps the body to relax and promotes healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The word reiki means Universal Life Force or Spiritually Guided Life Force. Reiki is performed by a reiki practitioner who will place his / her hands on the client’s body over energy centers called chakras, or energy centers. There are no adverse side effects as the technique is spiritually guided and can never cause any harm. 

Individual experiences will vary as a result of a reiki session. During a session, all of your energy centers will be balanced allowing more energy to flow through your body. A reiki session will help your body relax, release toxins and it also helps to improve immune systems.  If you are suffering from pain, reiki will often help to reduce pain and even eliminate it.

Add on to any massage:

15-minute session $15
30-minute session $30
45-minute session $45

60-minute session $60

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