Sound Bath

Sound Bath

Hosted in the Salt Cave. Be sure to check our MindBody Scheduling page for available dates.

Call 412-661-0777 to reserve your place.

What better way to connect with loved ones during the holiday season than share a truly unique experience listening to Brooke Smokelin play the Tibetan Singing Bowls in our Himalayan Salt Cave.

Brooke plays her quartz Tibetan Singing Bowls from the heart – improvising based on the energy in the room. The tones from the singing bowls resonate at healing frequencies that match specific chakras in the human body. The crystalline nature of the salt that makes up the Himalayan Salt Cave amplifies this energy, making the experience truly unique.

The name, “Sound Bath” is incredibly accurate as participants have the sensation that the sound is actually within their own body, not an external noise.

The cost per person is the same as a regular salt cave session – $35. Participants get an incredible bang for their buck by attending this special event!

This is a prepaid event and there are no cancellations, refunds, or exchanges.

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